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This isn't the first time for me; I have owned trucks before but for Ellen it's a brand new experience.  Ellen admits to a little nervousness but together we will make this work, I just know we will.

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We are doing some strange things right now.  Strange you ask?  Well it's probably not strange to you because you are already doing it, "it" being something that we haven't done for a few years now.

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I am blessed in my life to have Grandchildren who are happy, secure and well loved.  I love them all but today I want to tell you about one of them in particular, one who did something that has blown many people away.

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Christmas arrived this morning, no doubt it did for you too.  The weatherman said it would and they were right!

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Most of us who have been on the big road for any time at all will know what it''s like to be sick with nobody to take care of us. It''s a very depressing time and has happened to me on more than one occasion. Getting the Flu or even a simple cold can leave you feeling low; for me suffering a Gall Bladder failure had to be the worst although a Kidney Stone wasn't much fun I can tell you.

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Yesterday we took a drive to Wal-Mart where I had an appointment to get my eyes checked. Apparently I can see!

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With technology gaining ground every day we are seeing more computer systems included in vehicles than ever before.  It's kinda obvious that this would happen after all, when Dunlop invented pneumatic tires their inclusion in every kind of vehicle imaginable would follow.  Computer systems in four wheelers was an obvious step and now those bits of electronic genius are in Big Rigs too.

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This is an area I like to use for the occasional update of what Ellen and I are up to.

We run a dedicated lane between Laredo, Texas and Salem, Illinois with a break at the weekend at home in Joplin but hopefully it is still interesting even though we limit our travels.

Croc's Blog is a semi daily thing. Croc's Thoughts are designed to get him into trouble with someone, somewhere. Here's a list of some of the thoughts I have had.

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