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There is a whole lotta water around right now. We have had a lot of rain and having done some research it is my contention that the two have something to do with each other.

Driving South on I-35 there is a whole lotta construction which may or may not have something to do with all the road work going on but I haven't had time to research that particular point. Anyway, one consequence of construction is the traffic jams which often get lengthy and which we often avoid by taking the first exit and following the feeder. There can be risks to this but for the most part they are easily overcome ... except ... several cars bypassed a warning sign that announced that the road ahead was flooded.

I can imagine the thought process, "How bad can it be?" Well I guess it was worse than they had anticipated because there were a few people standing at the edge of the water, some of them soaking wet, all probably deciding how to get their flooded cars out of the standing water. Fortunately the water wasn't flowing or the cars would have been lost to the flow.

Every Trucker sees stupidity on a daily basis, this was today's trip down dummy lane.

Having been out here as long as I have I am surprised that I still find the level of some people's stupidity surprising. Like the fool who didn't wait for the Railroad Barriers to rise after a train had passed. What he hadn't considered was that there was a second line and guess what? Yup, there was another train coming. I doubt they wrote "Stupid" on his tombstone but they should have.

Stupidity is everywhere it seems, surely not just in Trucking but in every business everywhere but surely there is no worse place for it than on the road. Okay, perhaps if you are on a plane and the Captain's announcement begins with, "Duh!" That would be bad too but on the road the potential for carnage is huge? There are so many more cars and trucks than planes.

What will it take to get people to understand the dangers.

These people followed each other into the flood! Where was the caution? Maybe one can try and if they make it the others can follow but no, five or six had followed blindly into the water!

The Police hadn't arrived, yet but here's an idea. Officer, shoot these people in the head and put them out of their misery. It will be a mercy killing. For heaven's sake, don't let them breed!

Finally there might be an answer: Let's take down all the warning signs then the problem should take care of itself.

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