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April showers have continued into May except that these ain't showers, need a new bucket? It was coming down in buckets today so there are plenty just laying around for those who need them - should put the hardware store out of business.

We are on our way to Laredo once again and from somewhere north of Atoka on Highway 75 it rained very hard but there wasn't a lot of wind ... yet!! The wind began as we arrived in Atoka so we parked for a while until the worst had past over us. As we pulled into an abandoned gas station quarter sized hail was beating the truck's exterior.

Parking in weather like this is the safe thing to do by the way, those who drive for Con-way Truckload already know that this kind of action in bad weather is highly approved of by the Company. It's not so much that we can't drive in bad weather, it's more that others can't so getting off the road in such conditions gets us out of the way of those people.

I have noticed this before and wonder what the drivers are thinking. Why are there cars driving in torrential rain without their lights on? Before we found somewhere to park I was only taking time to glance, just a glance, a momentary look in my driver's side mirror. Even though it was only a quick look I still noticed something that wasn't quite right in the hurricane of spray I was kicking up from the road and pouring from the roof of the trailer. There was something in the spray, it was not quite the color of the rest of the spray so I looked again, a little more carefully this time. Yup, there was something in the spray that wasn't swirling around like the torrent around it. A CAR!!!

The idiot behind the wheel hadn't thought to turn his headlights on! Why?

He drove past me and I backed out a little more than the weather determined to give him room. He was a light grey/silver Ford and had been almost invisible in the grey spray behind me. Isn't there a law that say "If your wipers are on, turn on your headlights"? I know there is such a law in most States.

I think Volvo was the first car company to have "day lights" and it made sense. Now most cars have them. Motorcycle builders are mandated to build their machines with headlights that do not have an off switch! Not such a bad idea although I used to run with headlights on anyway. Ellen and I have just bought a brand new car, a Chrysler 300, which has an automatic option for the headlights. If conditions are such that the lights are needed, they come on without us thinking about it.

Car manufacturers, how about this for a good idea ... build a car which has it's headlights hooked into the wiper system. If the wipers are on and the vehicle is moving, the headlights come on too.

As I write the sun is going down and I am taking my 30 minute break at a rest area on 35 just south of Hillsboro, TX. The sky is still threatening although the wind has died down. There is plenty of flooding and from time to time my phone alarms announcing that this area is under a flood warning. Earlier it was announcing Tornado warnings so I should be happy and since it will soon be dark and most, note that I say 'most', cars will have their lights on ... maybe.

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This is an area I like to use for the occasional update of what Ellen and I are up to.

We run a dedicated lane between Laredo, Texas and Salem, Illinois with a break at the weekend at home in Joplin but hopefully it is still interesting even though we limit our travels.

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