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Weather wise it has been a rough week. During our runs I have been woken twice by the sound of rain slamming against the outside of the truck and have spent time driving through the rain which also woke Ellen.

It has been a long time since I have camped but I remember the sound of heavy rain on the outside of the tent and how relaxing it is. Being warm and dry while just beyond the waterproof fabric everything is soaking in Mother Nature's deluge. Equally the sound of rain pounding on the exterior the truck, especially when we are not moving, is relaxing and gives me a secure feeling as I fall asleep. To that end while I was running on my own I have preferred the top bunk where the noise from outside is more noticeable.

There are times though when enough is enough. Texas has seen so much rain that in a very short time it ended the drought. It is unfortunate that during the water shortage Texas has been pumping water from underground which has the effect of undermining and lowering the surface.. Now that the rains have come the lower ground is easily flooded. Houston had 10 inches of rain fall within one hour and the drains couldn't handle it.

I wasn't in Houston this time around but I have been there before when the rains came and it wasn't pretty. At the time I was driving for a Tanker Company and had a load that was going to Michigan. I tried to get out of Houston on I-10E but it was flooded and closed. I could have gone West on I-10 but the customer wouldn't authorize the Out of Route miles so I tried everything else but was thwarted at each turn. The furthest I got was on I-45 but 60 miles North that road was closed too. On the way North on I-45 I slowly passed a car that was not quite floating and collected a young lady from on top of it, delivering her to the safety of dry land. I also stopped to help an elderly lady who was floating downstream hanging onto her car. When I reached her she demanded I swim into the car and retrieve her handbag. Nope, that would be dangerous in the extreme so I refused and helped her back to the bank. As I left her with a friend who had witnessed the whole thing I asked if she would be okay, she dropped an "F" bomb on me and I left. I thought she owed me a thank you but that was not to be. I finally left town with that load a few days later, even then it was on back roads with a foot of water over them but I could see the white lines which guided my process.

So here we are finally at home after our "short" week of driving. When we left Salem, Illinois this morning the weather was promising; mostly clear skies and very little wind. The load was ready much earlier than scheduled so we were going to arrive in Joplin for our day and a half off in good time. I took a nap while Ellen drove and was woken as we arrived. Now is was raining pretty hard. So much for mowing the grass today!!

I was able to get my DOT Physical done, the weather didn't interfere with that at least. Surprises await you when you next do your Physical.

  • You will have to answer questions about how and when you sleep. For example, if you lay down and relax in the afternoon do you fall asleep? Duh!
  • Your neck will be measured and if it is too big you may have to undergo a sleep study.
  • If you take any kind of medication for depression, diabetes, etc. you will only be given a card for one year.

This is getting harder folks. I have a period to loose some weight or I will have a problem getting my card - pretty good incentive to loose a few pounds huh?


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This is an area I like to use for the occasional update of what Ellen and I are up to.

We run a dedicated lane between Laredo, Texas and Salem, Illinois with a break at the weekend at home in Joplin but hopefully it is still interesting even though we limit our travels.

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