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I bought a new computer a few months back and right away noticed that it has a problem, it doesn't know how to spell! I don't mean that it doesn't tell me if I spell something wrong it does that just fine. Perhaps a better way to describe the problem is that it doesn't pay attention to what keys I press. I might have typed an 'a' but that doesn't mean it will not produce a 'c'. In fact this example is exactly what it did a moment ago.

Ellen and I are at home and will be heading back to the road later this evening. Over the past few days we have competed in the Missouri State Truck Driving Championships. Ellen did very well attaining her best score since we started doing this a few years ago. I did well in the driving part of the competition but not well at all in the written exam, if they hadn't already printed my name on the paper I am sure I would have spelled that wrong too. I was not pleased with my performance at all.

Congratulations to all the winners of the competition especially Con-way Truckload's Guy Barber who won the Flatbed Division and Bobby Chilcoat who won the Sleeper Berth Division. Both are heading to the National Competition where they will not only represent Con-way Truckload but as Missouri Champions they will be representing the State.

We were able to take a couple of extra days off while the Operations Department plugged us back into our dedicated route between Salem, Illinois and Laredo, Texas so I was able to take care of my regular task of mowing the grass. I was also able to learn more about the Solar system we have had installed. The installation has taken longer than we expected because the weather didn't cooperate but it is all done now. While it was being tested we were able to watch our electric meter go BACKWARDS!!! Yeah BACKWARDS and only a cloudy day too. Now we are waiting for Empire Electric to stop by and do the final inspection then we can turn it on full time and see how far we can take the meter into the past.

One other thing on my 'to do' list was getting my computer repaired. As I mentioned the thing has given me trouble since shortly after I bought it. It doesn't always produce what I have typed and not because I am missing the right keys either, I am pretty good on the keyboard.

When I first noticed the problem it quickly became so bad that I learned to watch the screen in case it was messing up. Previously I had been typing away and upon looking at my work would see a scattering of words underlined in red. On other occasions I would look up and see an entire sentence that was nothing more than gobbledegook. Fixing the problem involved saving the document and restarting the machine and even that was only successful some of the time.

I called Hewlett Packard for some warranty service and was asked to send them the machine for the techs to take a look at it. I balked at the idea of being without it but there was no other option so I was without it for a couple of weeks ~ I suffered keyboard withdrawal. I was able to use Ellen's Gateway but it didn't have half of the programs I use so it only eased the withdrawal symptoms.

Once my machine was returned I found that they had dumped the hard drive, not an unexpected event, but the problem hadn't been fixed!! It wasn't as bad but it wasn't fixed!!

"Hello? Is this Hewlett Packard? FAIL!!"

Now it was time for an 'In-Home' repair, except that my warranty didn't cover the cost. I refused to pay, they kindly waived the fee and on Monday a Tech showed up to install a new keyboard. I learned after this that they had given me a new keyboard when I sent it off so why they were trying to do that again is beyond me. Either way it didn't fix the problem.

Now the Tech called HP and they asked me to send the machine back to them again! I was somewhat ticked and just short of using words that would have had Mommy washing my mouth out with soap so customer service escalated the problem to a higher level.

This morning my phone rang and when I answered I was sure I could hear the beating of Angel's wings and Gregorian Chant coming though my phone ... it was the higher level. It didn't take long before the Higher Authority on the other end asked me to send the machine back to them. I refused and felt my blood pressure rise while the imagined taste of soap inspired a gag reflex. According to the Advanced Intelligence the warranty actually states they can work on the machine as many times as they like until it works; really? I didn't check however I refused to send the machine back to them and aware that the Lemon Laws only cover cars I accepted an offer of a higher level Technician who will come to my home and take a look. Maybe this Tech will have wings and a halo, who knows. What I was told was that if the Angelic Tech didn't get the thing fixed they would replace it ~ Halleluiah. I wonder if they would let me keep the old one, I know someone who needs a boat anchor.

Done with the Higher Life Form I sat on our Porch sipping hot coffee and thought about Mom.

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