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I am blessed in my life to have Grandchildren who are happy, secure and well loved.  I love them all but today I want to tell you about one of them in particular, one who did something that has blown many people away.

Firstly it doesn't matter if you believe in Santa Claus or not, the fact is that I do.  When I was a kid Santa was the guy who climbed down the chimney and delivered our presents.  Of course once I was older and understood that Santa only bought presents to Children, the old man in the suit became a state of mind, or rather a state of the heart.

Our Grandchild, Cameron, was taken to the Mall where Santa Claus was visiting from the North Pole.  She was very excited to meet him and, prebriefed by her Mom, he greeted her by name. 

"You know my name?" She questioned.

He told her that he knew she was nine years old too.  Cameron was jumping in her excitement, Santa knew all about her just like her Mom had told her.  He knew if she had been a good girl or not!  Of course Cameron is a very good girl who tries hard in school and doesn't get into trouble very often.  She is mindful of her Mother and respectful to adults and holy cow; she is just the girl Santa is looking for!  A good girl who made Santa's list!

So Santa asked the traditional question but phrased it in a special way for her.  "I know lots about you but what I don't know is what you want for Christmas."

Cameron didn't hesitate, she knew exactly what she wanted.

Smiling brightly she gave Santa her wish.  "I want," she explained, "everyone else to get what they want for Christmas before you get me anything."

Santa was very surprised!  His helpers were very surprised too and her Mother smiled a wide smile because Mom knows her daughter very well.

It's a cute story but that's not the reason I told it.  Cameron is very serious about this, she wants others to receive before she does.  Now she is looking for Children who will not get much of a Christmas because they are in the Hospital, or otherwise indesposed.  Maybe there isn't a Chimney in their house?  I don't know the reasons, I am guessing but as I said, she's very serious about providing a Christmas where a Christmas wasn't going to be.

Her Aunt Sara has set up a Fund-Me page so that Cameron, just nine years old, can help out other Children before she gets something for herself.  The page is here, perhaps you can help her to help others?  We are doing that right now and are very happy that every cent raised will go to the Children that Cameron finds.  This little girl is only trying to raise $500 but I think we can all do better?

Merry Christmas to all.

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With Christmas approaching and having raised more than her target Cameron headed into town to play Santa's Helper this year!



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