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Yesterday we took a drive to Wal-Mart where I had an appointment to get my eyes checked. Apparently I can see!

We had been expecting cold weather and by the time we left the store the icing had begun. Already the sand trucks were out doing their work and people were slowing down, thankfully. The road was slick on the way home but we made it safely and hunkered down for the night.

Ellen decided that Steak was on the menu for Dinner and the best steak is cooked on the grill ... outside? Really? Oh well. I fired up the grill remembering that in Australia I had followed the same routine in the rain - rain was so rare where I lived that we didn't shelter from it, we enjoyed it. I even had a fitting for my beer to keep the rain out - very cool! This however, was the first time I had grilled in the snow! We were expecting single digit temperatures too so I was appropriately dressed. Even so I was cold out there until the fire got going, then I kinda enjoyed it though I no doubt looked pretty dumb with my Barbecue Master Apron over all my clothes and an inch of snow on my shoulders.

The temperature dropped to 7F overnight but I don't think it was that cold while I was grilling. I checked the road conditions because we had to leave for Laredo this morning. I-44 was blocked because of accidents from Joplin all the way to Big Cabin, Oklahoma. I checked again at 2am when Mother Nature called waking me from a particularly pleasant dream; the Interstate was clear.

Even though we knew the road would be fine for the truck we arrived on the Joplin Yard much earlier than normal because the cold would have affected the truck. We already had additives in the fuel so we weren't worried about that. Still we expected to have to de-ice the unit before we could do any driving.

We weren't all that surprised when we got to the truck to find it covered with the white stuff which was easily removed. The trouble was the thick ice which had come before the snow. The windows and mirrors were caked. Even a good scraper didn't have much effect so we sat back with a hot cup of coffee and waited for the heaters to do their work. It took almost an hour.

Now we are on our way to Laredo under blue skies. Ellen just told me that the temperature is 15F so I am seriously considering putting my bikini on. Yeah, right!

There were plenty of accidents around the country yesterday and I pray that none of our Drivers were involved. I did see a video yesterday of an incident on I-95 which was filmed by one of our Drivers. Again we are praying for those involved.

Drive Safely.

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This is an area I like to use for the occasional update of what Ellen and I are up to.

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