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I bought a new AR recently, nice weapon but it wasn't what we had along Interstate 24 in Kentucky when we went hunting deer.  Come to that I am not sure we could really call it hunting.

Ellen was driving and I was visiting dreamland where the beer was cold, the sky blue, the water warm and the waitress pretty.  Then a warning from Ellen and the dreamscape dissolved into something less pleasant accompanied by a crunching sound.  A deer had jumped out in front of us, no warning at all either.  It just jumped.  It wasn't there then it was.

Ellen was quite shaken, not only because there was obviously damage to our truck but also because she really hates hitting any kind of animal.  So do I but I am not upset to the level that Ellen is.  We both understand it is part and parcel of driving, eventually you will hit an animal.  Be that a bird, a Possum, Rocky or deer, it will happen.

Rule #1.  Don't swerve to avoid it.  One of our drivers recently did just that and lost control.  The truck came to rest on its side.  We lost the truck, trailer and the load when we could have suffered only a little damage to the front end.

We have been in touch with the Insurance Company (who isn't available over a weekend???) and the adjuster has called us to make arrangement.  We will get out of it for less that $4,000 but it could have been worse I guess.

We were not hurt although Ellen has to put up with the memory of the poor deer falling apart as it slid along the road on the drivers side.

Not a good day.

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