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Lonely Trucking

I had forgotten how lonely the life of a Trucker can be. I have been running as part of a team for over seven years and I think I had begun to take the presence of my wife for granted.

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If everything was normal Ellen and I would now be on our way to Laredo, one leg of our Dedicated Route.  We have just finished our "weekend" portion of our run which gives us a day and a half at home, sweet huh? 

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I recall an incident a while ago the memory of which remains very satisfying even today. Four wheeler cuts us off very close, we hit the brakes, bear comes out of nowhere and cuts us off too, again we hit the brakes. Bear waves at us (I've got this), hits the lights and pulls the dummy over. One for the good guys.

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I had someone come by and do some work at the house, nothing too much but a little more than what is within my particular skill set. 

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Many years ago and perhaps even now in some remote parts of Australia or just for fun, Australians wore hats which were designed to keep the flies away.

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We have all heard a technician say, "We can't reproduce the problem." And we all know of the magic that dictates any problem, no matter how complex, will suspiciously disappear when a technician is in the vicinity.

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Ellen and I returned to work today having had a busy weekend. Owning a home means a lot of work and we have to use our time at the weekend for the tasks that ownership brings.

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This is an area I like to use for the occasional update of what Ellen and I are up to.

We run a dedicated lane between Laredo, Texas and Salem, Illinois with a break at the weekend at home in Joplin but hopefully it is still interesting even though we limit our travels.

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