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All of us should know but we don't.  All of us should be aware but we are not.  Some of us are creating unnecessary problems and unfortunately others of us are allowing the dumb to get away with it.

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After so many name changes I can understand why you might be dizzy.  I am completely muddled and have to think about it before answering the simple question, "What Company do you drive for?"

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I remember a day not so long ago and not in a galaxy far, far away either.  We had to pay for just about everything while on the road and then fill out a reimbursement form to get the money back. 

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Anyone who arrives at a Trucking Company for Orientation has come for only one reason.  Nobody drives for a living just for the pure joy of driving a big rig, it's all about money.  The new hire has an expectation to drive for a living that will enable them to put food on their family's table.  It's a simple fact of economics which based on driver turnover statistics, trucking companies do not understand.

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When I first learned of the Merger with XPO Logistics I was somewhat ticked off. Here we all are, getting on with our jobs, doing the best we can and all of a sudden someone with a whole bunch of money and friends at the bank dumped $3B on us and here we go again.

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Anyone who spends time on the road behind the wheel has time to think. Thinking can be dangerous. Well it is for me and it gets me into trouble more than I would wish.

That said, perhaps publishing my thoughts isn't a good idea; certainly these thoughts have caused more than one argument. Still, good idea or not, these are some of my thoughts.

Know of a Problem?

We often notice a problem and pay it no mind, or forget about it before we bring it to someone's attention.

Here's an idea, let us know about it.  We'll bring it to someone's attention and get it taken care of so the next person has a better experience.

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