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When I first learned of the Merger with XPO Logistics I was somewhat ticked off. Here we all are, getting on with our jobs, doing the best we can and all of a sudden someone with a whole bunch of money and friends at the bank dumped $3B on us and here we go again.

My initial reaction was fear for my future; how will I pay my Mortgage, feed my family or pay my bills. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and reacted accordingly. Later I had time to think, to put the pieces together and make a real determination as to my position as a Driver and the REAL situation in which I find myself.

First of all Ellen and I have good driving records and a good record with Con-way Truckload so we can go anywhere at a moment's notice, in other words we don't need to worry. Secondly Con-way Truckload is a valuable asset; anyone who has the where with all to buy us out knows that; I can't see anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together, closing the company and forgetting it ever existed. Using numbers from the last Merger that would be like flushing $700M down the toilet. So we still have a job.

Finally there are a lot of rumors out there. "We are being sold off after the Merger is complete." for example. When was the last time you were at a yard sale and saw someone buy a box full of CD's, noticing that your favorite, no longer in print, singers album was included. Would you offer a buck or two for that CD? Sure you would. There are a whole lot of people out there who would like to own Con-way Truckload as a single entity and probably wonder if we are really useful to XPO Logistics as a Truckload Carrier or not. So they make offers to buy that small part of the whole.

I have spoken to drivers who are planning to "Jump Ship" and asked why they would do such a thing. Right now they have a good job and a secure future. We are not going to be fired - remember there is a driver shortage. Our industry needs 50,000 drivers right now and is plugging the gap with what is in many cases, a bunch of idiots who shouldn't be on a bicycle, let alone taking on the responsibility of a big rig. As a Driver for Con-way Truckload you can count yourself out of the idiots group because if you were in it, you wouldn't be here.

Even if XPO Logistics was dumb enough to close the company completely and throw away all that money our drivers could get a job tomorrow and even then we would hardly make a dent in the driver shortage.

Personally I have a "wait and see" attitude. I didn't leave when Con-way bought us out before but I have seen a lot of drivers who left at that time and are now back.

We don't need to quit. Of course there is nothing wrong with looking around, making inquiries and so on, but I feel that "Jumping Ship" would really be premature at this point. The waters might seem a little rough right now but a well built ship isn't troubled by rough seas. Some of the Crew might feel sick but they will get over that and this Ship isn't sinking.

In the end it is entirely up to you. If you have a great offer take it and leave but only if you would have left anyway. Leaving because of unproven rumors would be ridiculous and a move you will probably come to regret.

Anecdotally, even Ships Rats will only abandon ship in the final moments, when it is absolutely proven that the ship is sinking. The difference here is that we are not Rats and there are plenty of other Ships standing by with Hot Coffee and a dry berth.

Just a thought.

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