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Crocodile created a new topic ' On the Road Again' in the forum. 3 years ago

After taking one turn of our route at home for Ellen to get her teeth fixed we were surprised that we were not plugged back into our run as usual. Operation admitted their oversight which was fine with us so we are running much later than we normally would on our way to Laredo.

The bad thing about this is the fact that Missouri is expecting an ice storm on Friday and we will be caught in it if we are not ahead of schedule on our return. The advantage we have is an option to go south into Arkansas and head south to Laredo missing our "weekend" at home and stopping on the way back after the storm has passed.

That might be the best plan because there is nothing worse than driving on ice.

Take care everybody


Crocodile created a new topic ' Final Dentist Visit' in the forum. 3 years ago

We are at home for a little longer than we had planned. Ellen had to have her dental work finished, two permanent crowns to replace the temps which were installed during her last visit.

For those who remember the post about loosing my drone, you will be please to know that I found it although it cost me a few rips and tears in my clothing and skin. The machete helped AND the drone still works, despite spending a week outside hanging in a tree with snow and rain. Now I am planning another outing with a good chance of not loosing it. Someone suggested a long piece of string??


Crocodile created a new topic ' Snow!' in the forum. 3 years ago

We have done pretty well this season and somehow missed out on all the bad weather. We broke our streak of good luck during the night when we crossed into Illinois from Missouri on I-70. Running deadhead from Pocahontas to Salem was interesting to say the least, the Interstate was fine but highway 127 was snow covered. Thankfully there was no ice.

Now we are heading south on i-57 and should step out of the snow before we hit the Missouri line. Ellen is driving, following the two tracks which have been cleared by passing vehicles. There isn't much traffic at this time of the morning and hopefully we will be clear of it before the rush.

Be safe everybody.


Crocodile created a new topic ' Home for the New Year' in the forum. 3 years ago

We are regularly at home for the weekend, a day and a half at home every week. It's a good routine.

We are at home now and will enjoy celebrating the Eve of New Year because we usually celebrate with a drink but don't drink the day before we hit the road. Since we will leave for Laredo on New Year's Day; no drinking!

Earlier today we talked to our FM about our delivery time which according to our customer is Tuesday while our dispatch info says Monday. This is nothing unusual and was quickly worked out.

We love this run.


Crocodile created a new topic ' On the road again' in the forum. 3 years ago

After an amazing Christmas break we are back on the road again and looking forward to this week being over because New Year is a comin'. I love new year personally but this year we will have to restrict our celebrating because we are on the road again the following morning.

We will be celebrating New Years Eve!! That will work.

Right now, on our way to Pocahontas our of Laredo!


Crocodile created a new topic ' Home for Christmas' in the forum. 3 years ago

We are heading home for Christmas. Merry Merry and a Happy Happy to everyone!!


Crocodile created a new topic ' Hello and Welcome Back to' in the forum. 3 years ago

Back in the days when CFI was CFI, the Original, I ran a site much like this as a Forum only. It was quite popular and quickly became a place to find out what was going on and why. With the return of Contract Freighters, Inc. and in a display of support for the return I have reinstated the site.

I hope you will enjoy it and find it as useful as folks did before.

I am Crocodile and together with my wife, Ellen, I am available to anyone who wants to ask questions or just drop in for a chat.

Drive Safely


Crocodile created a new topic ' Northbound and down' in the forum. 3 years ago

Northbound out of Laredo where everyone is bundled up in warm clothes. Our customer was complaining about the cold, it was 34 degrees but I suppose it's all relative. I told them that it was -2F when we left Joplin this morning. lol


Crocodile created a new topic ' Outstanding' in the forum. 3 years ago

We are outstanding, if you don't mind. :)

On our way to Pocahontas, Illinois then Salem and a quick trip to the house for our "weekend"; only a day but hey, it adds up.


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